Emo Milano 2021

Visit us at the EMO Milano Italy, hall 7, booth F36 + G41, from 4 to 9 October. Our team of engineers will be pleased to inform you about new developments or discuss with you your challenges in ongoing projects.

Feel free to arrange a personal talk with one of our engineers by calling or emailing us!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

ASME 2021 TURBO EXPO digital

Visit us at the virtual ASME TURBO EXPO June 7-11

We look forward to your visit!

SPS connect 2020 Nuremberg

e+a will be taking part in this year’s SPS Connect, which will be held online as a virtual trade fair. Our team will be delighted to talk to you about the latest news and discuss with you face-to-face your requirements for the projects you have planned. You are of course more than welcome to arrange an advance appointment with one of our engineers.

We look forward to your visit!

SPS connect invitation (PDF)

Outrunner as motorcycle traction motor

  • e+a develops direct drive motorcycle traction motor
  • Configured as an outrunner design (rotor outside of stator)

Design challenges:

  • Maximize torque per weight ratio
  • Efficient use of small space inside a wheel
  • Cluster optimization of possible designs using in-house software
  • Short development time

Asynchronmotor MultiSpeed

e+a is supporting the student Fokus-project "MultiSpeed" of the ETH Zurich and supplying an asynchronous motor element for a modular compressor.

Energy Generation

Use of turbo compressors in decentralized energy generation


  • Development of motor elements for high power applications (> 1000kW)
  • High-performance windings minimizing losses
  • Compatibility with commercial refrigerants

Motors for Hand-held tools

Drive motors for professional hand tools, targeted for construction sites:


  • New motor concepts developed and verified
  • Torque, size & weight optimized
  • Ruggedized products produced at competitive prices

Large size motors – up to 680mm!

New data about the serie of large size motors is now available at our e+a MotorScout (stator outer diameter from 300 up to 680mm).

Alternatively you can find the overview with all available sizes at the product documentations.

Please contact us! We would like to advise you personal on your requirements!

Online data base with integrated search function

e+a developed MotorScout to give you the opportunity to pre-select potential motor elements during the development stage. You can use various search criteria (geometry, performance, speed, torque) when selecting motor elements and even compare them in graphics and tables. You can save your individual selection in a list and send this to e+a at the click of a button. We will then get in touch with you and advise you about your selection or provide you with additional product information.

Interested? Test MotorScout and send us your feedback. 

Small size motors – new series

Five new series have been developed for permanent magnet synchronous machines with external diameters of 13 mm to 24 mm. They are particularly compact and can be used in milling, grinding, drilling and engraving machines. They can also be successfully employed in medical applications, as pump drives for instance. Their output is between 100 W and 1.1 kW. The rotors reach speeds of 60,000 min-1 to 100,000 min-1.

Upon customer request, we can develop special motors with considerably smaller external diameters. Let us know your requirements and together we will be pleased to find a technical solution that is right for you!

Motors for Cryogenic Applications


  • Operation of e+a rotors & stators immersed in liquid natural gas (LNG, -160 ° C) and liquid nitrogen (LN, -196 ° C)
  • Testing of materials for operation in cryogenic liquids
  • New rotor manufacturing variant developed and successfully tested.
  • Evaluation of increased power density in cryogenic liquids

Motors for energy storage

Kinetic energy storage & load levelling on national or private grids due to load fluctuations:


  • Motor operation in a vacuum, typically with flywheel energy storage devices
  • Testing of insulation materials in a vacuum
  • Evaluation of optimized stator windings during vacuum operation
  • Calculation of power losses, especially in the rotor