VPA - voltage peak analyser

To improve your quality management. The VPA voltage peak analyser is used to determine a load index developed by e+a for the stator-winding insulation of inverter-driven motor elements. It is suitable for monitoring the switching pulses (voltage peaks) of the inverter and as an indicator for the service life. It can also be used as a decision-making aid to decide on the use of a choke, the level of inductance or a filter. It allows the costs of the entire drive system to be optimised with the help of the voltage peak analyser or the e+a load index.

An unfavourable combination of inverter configuration, output filter, power cables and plugs can lead to increased voltage peaks at the motor. This imposes additional stress on the motor insulation system.
To evaluate this stress, a summary index was defined with the e+a stress index, which allows the user to estimate the risk of premature insulation damage. In extreme cases, the additional stress can lead to premature failure of the drive.
  • Precise measurement of all phase voltages
    • 5 MS/s sampling rate
    • 16 Bit analogue-to-digital conversion
    • 5.6 kV differential voltage probes
  • Simple integration into control cabinet
    • Robust industrial personal computer
    • Many connecting options
  • Fully automated recording
    • Memory space for several months
    • No user entry required
    • LED status display
  • Fast and comprehensive analysis
    • Display of real-time data in e+a software
    • All data saved in open formats
  • Additional data visualisation on eunda.ch website
The voltage peak analyser allows the automated measurement, calculation and continuous recording of the e+a stress index over a large period of time without requiring further measurement devices.
All measurement data is stored in open file formats on the device. Furthermore, the recorded data can be visualised on our website through an upload tool. This allows the user to easily analyse the observation period.

Services offered

  • Training on the peak voltage load of a winding system in inverter operation
  • Joint commissioning of the VPA voltage peak analyser and creation of a scientific, neutral measurement report
  • Support with the commissioning of electrical drive systems
  • Optimisation of the drive train consisting of inverter, choke or filter and the motor element
  • Use of the e+a measurement portal vpa.eunda.ch for the evaluation of the VPA measurement data as well as support with the evaluation of the analysis results, if requested
  • Support for the integration of the measuring card of the voltage peak analyser into proprietary measuring or monitoring systems of the drive train

e+a measurement portal

e+a has a measurement portal which can be used by customers to investigate voltage peaks (switching pulses) in order to optimise the interaction of the inverter, choke or filter, motor element and peripherals.
  • 24/7 availability
  • Automatic provision of the evaluation
  • Operation is independent of e+a

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