For more than 30 years, e+a has been developing motor elements for use in various applications and industries. Each industry places specific requirements on motor properties.

When it comes to implementing the requirements placed on motor elements, e+a benefits from

  • Long-standing experience in a vast range of industries and operating conditions,
  • A huge number of existing motor element designs and corresponding tools (e.g. progressive dies or machining),
  • Measurements of operating properties (at customer's premises and at the e+a test facilities), and
  • A large inverter manufacturer network.

Our accumulated experience enables us to implement short development periods and a high degree of consistency between the calculated and operating properties determined during actual use.

Previous projects

The following table provides a rough overview of the requirements of previous projects.

Operating properties

  • High torque in the smallest possible design (up to 10 kNm)
  • High speed (up to 500,000 rpm)
  • High performance (up to 1MW)
  • Highly dynamic drives
  • Extremely high elasticity

 Environmental properties

  • Operating in a vacuum
  • Operating in aggressive gases
  • Operating under high pressure
  • Operating in high ambient temperatures (> 100°C or 212°F)
  • Operating in a particularly cold environment (e.g. liquid nitrogen and LNG)

Cooling methods

  • Water, air, gas, oil and others
  • Various coolants (such as R134a, R245, etc.)

Design properties

  • Stators with diameters from 5 mm to 750 mm
  • Special geometrical requirements (e.g. cooling ducts, integration in customer components, etc.)
  • Stator segmentation
  • Integrating the rotor on the shaft

e+a motor elements are used in applications such as: