Energy Generation

e+a motors are ideal for use in direct drive turbo generators.

Since 2008 e+a Elektromaschinen und Antriebe AG has been manufacturing components for mobile (shipborne, truck, railroad and airborne) and stationary (land-based) energy generation; applications include ORC, sCO2, micro-turbines, turbo-expanders, automotive range extenders, man-portable generators, gas turbine engine driven, etc.


  • Winding design for high-performance machines
  • Generator and frequency converter parameter adjustment (clock frequency, maximum output frequencies...)
  • Maximize efficiency


  • Successful projects in applications > 1000kW
  • Proprietary winding design significantly reduces losses at high frequencies
  • PM rotor technology enables prodigious torque at very high speeds with maximum efficiency
  • Development and manufacture of proprietary CFRP sleeves for high tip speeds (280 m/s)
  • Compatibility with commercial refrigerants verified by laboratory testing
  • e+a and customer joint development of suitable cooling processes for large rotors & stators
  • Joint development of shaft-rotor assemblies satisfying rotor dynamic constraints

With the continued successful implementation of projects in decentralized energy generation, e+a can support customers with applications in both Low Voltage and Medium Voltage regimes, and with output powers up through and exceeding 1000kW.