About e+a

e+a Elektromaschinen und Antriebe AG was founded in 1981 and today is one of the world's leading manufacturers of motor elements and built-in motors developed and manufactured by order of the company's customers and according to their specific requirements.

e+a is situated in a central location in Europe with its headquarters in the Swiss town of Moehlin in the "Dreilaendereck" – the region where Switzerland Germany and France meet. The Development, Sales, Purchasing and Logistics departments are located at the Moehlin site. Kaufmann AG Elektromotorenbau manufactures e+a products at the second site in Niedergoesgen, near Aarau. Together, both companies employ around 90 people.


As e+a products are highly individual, around two third of e+a employees are engineers with an average professional experience of approximately 10 years. The company processes several thousand products each year. The product portfolio is primarily determined by e+a customer requirements. e+a's philosophy is sustainable development driven by quality, individuality and reliability. It is therefore natural that e+a shareholders should take an active role within the company. This approach provides e+a with independence in terms of its decision-making process and also creates short decision-making paths.

Product Portfolio

The current product portfolio comprises motor elements with a performance up to approximately 1 MW and a speed of up to 500,000 min-1. External stator diameters between 6 mm and 750 mm as well as torques in excess of 5,000 Nm have been realised. The limits are variable and over time have been repeatedly redefined to meet customer requirements.

e+a motor elements comprise

  • Wound stators in the low voltage range
  • Asynchronous rotors (both aluminium and copper cage rotors)
  • Synchronous rotors
  • Special models (reluctance machines, etc.)

e+a motor elements can be complemented with

  • Customer parts such as cooling jackets and
  • Individual customer parts made to customers' specifications (e.g. shafts)

e+a manufacture specialises in small and medium-size series (several thousand units per type annually, depending on design size). Prototypes and micro series are also manufactured on a regular basis.

Upon request, e+a can provide customers with additional services for

  • The machining of stators and rotors
  • Electrical measurements and inverter parameterisation
  • Developing fast-running drives
  • Manufacturing customer parts such as cooling jackets and
  • e+a customer training

e+a owns its own test facilities where a large variety of design sizes for the respective motor elements and performance classes can be put through their paces. The infrastructure of the test facilities also allows for e+a customer spindles to be tested in connection with various inverters by measuring their performance.

e+a has over 30 years experience. Its products are distributed world-wide and are used in machine tools, compressors, generators, vacuum pumps, fans, micro gas turbines, traction engines, actuating drives and many other applications. The company maintains offices in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the USA.