Core competencies

e+a is your partner throughout the entire development of customer-specific electrical machine designs, from prototype to the finished product.

We use our own in-house analytical and numerical calculation software for providing you with tailored advice and development processes. Our large range of services includes system configuration, performance measurement, manufacture and testing of the motor elements according to specifications. Our own research and development team works out the necessary basic requirements for special orders. e+a motor elements can be manufactured as one-offs or whole series.

Highly developed tools and processes

The electromagnetic design is based on tried and tested analytical tools, which e+a has been continuously perfecting for more than 30 years. We use two- and three-dimensional numeric analysis for calculating special construction types and physical aspects that could only be approximated in an analytical environment. Numeric calculations are also employed for implementing the mechanical design of the motor elements. They provide the speed-dependent interference fit, maximum speed and rotor dynamics. e+a's test facilities are equipped with a large variety of load machines and frequency inverters so that a broad performance spectrum can be tested. The measuring devices employed are state-of-the-art and provide for highly accurate simultaneous measurements of current, voltage and performance data.

Tailored manufacturing

Our manufacture specialises in working to individual customer specifications. This could be a prototype, one-off in an existing series or series of several thousand motor elements. Outstanding quality and reliability form part of e+a's philosophy. Critical components are tested repeatedly along the value added chain and their manufacture is documented in a traceable manner. Finished products can be delivered from our warehouse at short notice. e+a's quality management ensures that process steps are regularly scrutinised and work processes improved. The company promotes and expects a sustainable way of assuring its competitive position, quality and reliability.

Five steps to an individually tailored solution