IPM - With Interior Magnets

With the development of the new Internal Permanent Magnet (IPM) motor series e+a has directly targeted the needs of machine tool spindle manufacturers. High torque in the basic speed regime combined with a wide field weakening range is just one example of application focused engineering. A substantial advantage of the IPM design is very low heat loss inside the rotor, significantly lowering shaft heating compared with conventional drives. In many cases even a serial inductor can be dispensed with! Further advantages of this series are large rotor bores as well as high maximum speeds (up to 140m/s).
e+a delivers IPM rotors ready for installation, and recommends that rotors be mounted on the shaft via a thermal joining process. Necessary mounting specifics are provided by e+a.

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Advantages of e+a IPM motor series

* High torque in the basic speed regime (up to 40% higher than Asynchronous Motors/ASM)
* Wide constant power range (leads to smaller power modules)
* Low rotor temperature even without the need of a serial inductor (lower system costs)
* High maximum speed up to 140m/s (corresponds to the maximum speed of many CuSt ASM rotors)
* Large rotor bore compared to ASM rotors
* Robust construction